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Yeah. Rawr! 2009 will be an awesome year of cosplay for me. I have about 10 new costumes planned so far! Many will be mind boggling! The conventions I'll be attending this year are: Anime Detour, Anime Central, Anime Expo, Otakon, Anime Iowa, and New York Anime Festival. Some costumes I'm currently working on: Allen Walker 3rd Arc Uniform, Soujiro Seta (finally :P), and completing Toon Link.
I probably won't say what else I'm doing. Wooooo suspense! I will be competing in competitions and uploading pics once I complete my costumes. Stay tuuuuned.
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The convention weekend was shitty at first. Saturday my crown clown costume was fucking up everywhere. My button popped off for no reason at all, it wasn't even tight against my body or anything, then the collar ripped a seam and almost broke off, and finally the cross on the handle of my sword fell off somewhere during the convention and I ended up getting super pissed because of it. Lol. Although all that crap happened, thankfully a couple friends made the weekend a blast.

I haven't had so much fun in a long time. I dunno what it was, but at Anime Iowa I had so much fun I forgot what it was like to be alive! Made me realize I shouldn't stress out so much in life, and I feel like I'm going to make some changes with my life. I am considering getting a new job (one that I won't get loads of stress everyday), and concentrate a lot more on school. Hopefully my hair will stop falling out. Lol! I think what made my weekend so awesome were because my friends were hilarious all weekend, and my cousin for once didn't piss me off all weekend. That's really rare because he always pisses me off badly during conventions. Maybe because I didn't see him that much the whole time? I thank all my friends that I went with! And I thank a new awesome friend Courtney! I had a ton of fun and if it weren't for you, I probably wouldn't have competed in the contest and talked to you so much, nor would I have had half as much fun as I did! It was an awesome time. Thanks! ^-^!! Oh yes, and I'd like to mention that Courtney and I won awards at the Anime Iowa cosplay contest. Courtney won Best Button Creation, and later we both unknowingly won the Best Uniforms award! Woo! I was shocked a 2nd award was announced with our title. XD

Starting some time soon, I'm going to begin my plan on making a couple of new costumes for the last quarter of the year, and gain more experience for 2009. I plan on getting a lot better for next year and impress everyone I know. I think next year will be a big year for my cosplaying. I have a good feeling I'm going to advance in skill level and make a lot of amazing costumes to compete in the contests of the conventions I'm planning on attending.
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Soooooooo Anime Detour was just last weekend. This year was OK. I would say it was better than last year, but lotsa shit ruined it for me. The costumes I spent 50+ hours on got no recognition, but the costume I spend 5 hours on gets twice to thrice the recognition as the others. I cosplayed Pesshe Guatiche from Bleach on Friday and some of Saturday, then Allen Walker level 2 innocence on Saturday, and Colonel Cloud Sanders on Saturday night. :3
Onto the other bad thing that happened. On Saturday as I was Allen Walker. Some stupid ugly bitch cosplaying a bad Tiki from D.Gray-man wanted to do Yaoi, and I said Hell no. I walked away, she followed, i ran, she chased, jumped on me, damaging my props, for like a whole five fucking minutes. I ran to security with the heavy bitch on my back. I told them "Get this fucken bitch off me" and they just stood there staring and finally said "Aww that's cute" with me all steaming pissed off swearing up a storm of death. And then I go to my other option of pulling random people from the crowd telling them to pull the bitch off me, but OF COURSE, fucken people are fucken pushovers, they don't do shit. I proved this at Anime Central last year when I shoved and punched people at the Japanese concert. They did nothing but stare! =3 And yes, falling down on my back had crossed my mind, and slamming her against the wall was another idea that crossed my mind, but it was crowded as hell on saturday, so i would've further damaged my stuff and probably hurt someone else too.
But yeah she finally let go after A LONG ASS TIME. And I just continued my day PISSED OFF. Yeah, if it weren't for that incident, I could say my Anime Detour this year would be better than last year. What helped me recover was when Susan! :basiik: who gave me a free hat, because she's amazing.
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I been on a roll creating new plushy designs, then I found out an acquintance of mine has committed suicide. I lost inspiration when I was on a roll. This always happens. ~_~ Now I got homework piling up and new job position making me work more. I lost soooo much inspiration to make plushies. Nyaah~
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Just to let people know who ask me...
No, I do not use patterns, and I never have. As a matter of fact... I've never thought about it.. O_O;;
OMG, things would be so much easier wouldn't they? lol

But ya, I make all my plushies and costumes with my mind alone. I just imagine what shapes would look like what, and I just do it. Of course, my way of making things has a lot of errors and mistakes involved, but I manage to get things the way I want to just by using my head. ^-^;;

That is all. Good day! =D
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I finshed my plushy of myself. =P
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Ok. Some idiot admin. moves my f*cking picture to scraps, because they aren't bright enough to know that it's a COSPLAY COSTUME. And now the 2 pictures they moved are now gone. =D
I need more dA friends. =D
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